Custom Made Formal Shirts by House of Salgado

Custom Made Formal Shirts by House of Salgado

The Wing-Collar Formal Shirt

The wing-collar is the custom made formal shirt traditional shirt worn in combination with a tuxedo. It originated during the early 20th century and was a must have for any black, or white tie event. Even thought he Wing-collar shirt is still worn today, it is much less popular than it ones used to be. The best jackets to match this type of formal shirt is the peaked-lapel tuxedo jacket. The dramatic tips of the wing-collar shirt goes well with this jacket’s angles and cut.

Turn-down Collar Formal Shirt

In comparison to the custom made formal shirt in the styling of a wing-collar shirt, the turn-down collar shirt are essentially gentrified ordinary dress shirt. The collar typically has a medium spread to accommodate the classic bow ties. There are two ways the turn-down collar tuxedo shirt gets a more formal look over the ordinary dress shirt: First, the shirt usually has French cuff that must be worn with cufflinks. Secondly the front of the dress shirt usually has folds sown in. These folds are also called pleat and are usually 1/4″ – 3/4 inch spread apart. The turn-down collar will look great with any style of tuxedo jacket. The turn-down collar formal shirt is the most popular dress shirt worn these days for formal black tie.

Mandarin Formal Shirts

The mandarin custom made formal shirt collar doesn’t flip down. Instead it is usually 1″-1.5″ high and stays in place by using heavy starch and a thicker fabric. The mandarin type formal shirt is nice change from the traditional styles formal shirt. It is worn without a bow tie, but instead buttoned up with “cufflink-like” pieces of jewelry. The front is usually not pleated, but more plain. If you are looking for a more unique look, then the mandarin dress shirt might just be your style.